2011 Trip to U.S. Supreme Court Swearing-In
Hello Alumni,
I am pleased to identify the list of 12 Barry Alumni that will be sworn in at the United States Supreme Court in Washington D.C. on November 28, 2011. This group was identified based on the first 12 responses that I received via e-mail. There is also a list of alternates that was identified by their response time as well. If for any reason one of the identified 12 cannot attend, then the alternates will move up in order to fill those vacant slots.
In the interest of fairness to everyone, I cannot manipulate the list.

Dave Shontz
Joy Zubkin
Jessica Corace
Laura Ballard
Rodd Santomauro
Ada Aviles-Yaeger
Betty Freeland
Eric DuBois
Dave Harris
Oneill Martinez
Monica Reyes
Sultana Haque

Standby List
Paul F. Daly
Timmy McClain
Deborah Poindexter
Laura Sheilds
Octavio Gustavo Padron
Rebecca Rogers
Leorna Easter
Eric Reed
Penelope Barrett
Terry Covert
Davey Spiccati
Kathleen Long
Betty Cheramie
Dan Archer

I will continue to monitor the list and update it as necessary. I will also be corresponding in the near future with the 12 attendees through e-mail. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me directly at
I would like to thank everyone for their interest and I look forward to making this a successful Alumni Event.

Rob A. Witt


A dinner for all the attendees and their guests is being held on Sunday, Nov. 27, at the Metropolitan Club in Washington, DC. Joining us as our guest will be Rod Heller, author of a biography on Felix Grundy titled Democracy’s Lawyer: Felix Grundy. The book details Grundy’s impact on politics and the legal system in the early 1800s.

Mr. Heller is a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School. He became a partner with the well known D.C. law firm Wilmer, Cutler and Pickering. He presently chairs a private investment firm and has also served as chairman and CEO of the National Housing Partnerships, vice chair of the National Trust, and a leader in the mission of the Civil War Preservation Trust.

Mr. Heller’s legal background and interest in history should make for interesting conversation at dinner as we travel back in time to the early years of our Republic. The dean has purchased copies of Mr. Heller’s book for each attendee and Mr. Heller will be autographing the book following dinner.

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