Barry Law Alumni Chapter Executive Board

03-08-2018  Meeting Notes:

Remotely attended: J. Mason Williams, Chris Bailey, Andrew Abreu, Jose-Trelles, Brigitte Debbarh

• Minutes from January meeting were approved with the addition of listing all those in attendance

• It was decided to post meeting notes on the Alumni website.

• Chris Tabor was identified as somebody interested in being more involved with the alumni chapter. Mason Williams will reach out to him.

• Chris Bailey is to reach out to other alumni to add to the Social Events committee

• March happy hour has been cancelled due to a lack of venue and organization.

• April happy hour is set for April 19 and will be a joint event with Phi Alpha Delta. The happy hour will be held upstairs at The Monkey Bar in downtown Orlando. PAD will be able to sponsor appetizers for the event up to $200, Dean Diaz will sponsor additional food up to $200, Chris Bailey and Andrew Abreu are to find another entity willing to sponsor drinks up to $200

• Career Services has expressed an interest to co-host an event with the Law Alumni chapter

• The SBA has reached out to the board to organize a networking event at the school requesting several alums to talk at round tables about their specific area of practice. Chris Bailey will work with Kayla Kunkel-Lemuel (SBA senator) to arrange a date, time, and work out the details.

• Mason received a list from the Florida Bar with all members that listed Barry Law as their alma mater. Email contacts from that list will be uploaded to the subscriber list of the Barry Law Alumni Newsletter. 

• The Board discussed the feasibility of establishing a Law Alumni Scholarship fund and who should benefit from such a scholarship (endowed v current use; entering students v students in active bar prep). Brigitte Debbarh will find out what is needed to set-up such an account and report back at the next meeting.

• The board plans to repeat the OCSC Watch party event from 2017. The most suitable date will be Thursday, July 26. Since that is also a home game the plan is to host the event prior to the game 5:30/6:00pm – 7:30/8:00pm so that those alums with tickets can attend the game at the stadium while others can stay behind at the venue. Brigitte will check into the availability for Lions Pride Pub. 

• Jose-Trelles Herrera suggested collaborating with other Barry alumni groups in South Florida to host local events. 

01-18-2018 Meeting Notes:

·       Additional Board members, Cassidy Loutos and Jose Herrera were both approved unanimously by the Board.

·       Chair-people were assigned to the various committees of the Alumni Association:

o   Social Events – Chris Bailey

o   Outreach – Andrew Abreu; committee members are Cassidy Loutos, Jose Herrera

o   Communication – Rebecca Blechman; committee members Mason Williams

·       New committees proposed: CLE, Financial/Fundraising/Scholarships, Law Student Liaison

·       The Board unanimously approved recurring monthly meetings to be held on the second Thursday of every month at 5:30pm.

·       The Board proposed and approved of setting a recurring date and time to host local events for the Barry Alumni. The purpose of these events is to have an opportunity for the Barry Alumni to socialize together beyond the working hours. The Board unanimously agreed to rotate the event locations between Orlando and its surrounding areas, such as Seminole, Brevard, and Volusia County. Even numbered months will host an Orlando event, while odd numbered months will host events outside of Orlando. All events will be held on the third Thursday of every month, and will begin at 6:00pm.

·       The Board discussed funding for these events, including possible membership fees, fundraising events, and co-hosted events. No decisions have been made yet.

·       The Board discussed amending some of the Alumni Association Bylaws. The Board would like to create a position for a Treasurer, remove some of the Chair requirements for certain officers, and create a Secretary Substitute/back-up (which will possibly be Andrew Abreu). No final decisions have been made as of yet.

·       Finally, the Board proposed changing the Alumni Association calendar to match the school’s fiscal year, rather than the annual schedule we have been following. Should we change the calendar, the new year would start in July, which will cause Board elections to be held in June. The Board has not made any final decisions yet.

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